How to Pick Up Women

How to Pick Up Women

“Do you know the difference between a beautiful woman and a charming one? A beauty is a woman you notice, a charmer is one who notices you,” said Adlai E. Stevenson. But when both of these events occur at the same, it turns out to be a lifetime moment for you to pick up the woman which you want.

When approaching any woman this quote can be your key to success, if applied in its original spirit. You are not required to be born Don Juan if you want to approach or pick up women and this is something which you must have noticed yourself, too. Guys who are just amazing at picking up women are not so because they are good looking, smarter and wealthier but because they are just more confident and persistent in every ‘try’ they made. In any case, there are, of course, some general guidelines that you have to take care of whenever picking up a woman.

When & How to Approach

Women are all around us; in offices, at subways, restaurants, superstores, bars and even standing right next to you in an elevator. Irrespective to the place, make sure that you have already made up your mind before approaching any woman and be confident about what you want. Apart from being confident, you need to make sure if she is alone, with family or with a group of friends and also, what she is looking for? Remember, if you observe that a woman is getting bored while sitting alone at a part or is just not paying attention to anyone in her friend’s circle and doing something different, then this is the perfect time for you to make your first impression count.

“First Impression is Last Impression” is a quote which quote fits great in this scenario. By the time you have decided which girl to approach, it’s now your turn to get the ball rolling and make your first impression making sure that it must be the lasting one. Making an eye contact before you are going to deliver your very first sentence is very important and boasts yours confidence. But at the same time avoid using cheesy and typical opening lines picked up from movies because chances are that you might end up pissing them off. Rather, let the situation decide how you are going to start the conversation. Here are some ideas on how to kick off your conversation.

  • At superstores, you can say, “Wow! That’s a pretty outfit. What a choice you have got!”
  • In a long queue, you can go about the conversation by saying “I am afraid by the time this queue will get over; we won’t be getting that special offer.”
  • Or you can say, “From where you get that bundle package, I think I’ve missed it. Can you help?

Whatever you say, make sure it is involving and offers her a chance to speak. Next, try anticipating her possible responses and your spontaneous answers which should be followed by a warm smile. Also, few quick jokes won’t harm any of you and will start making things work for you.

Rejected? Make a Positive Ending

Many times it happens that when girl is not giving you any response, you world starts shattering. Remember that the world is not going to end if she hasn’t turned up for you the way you wanted. Most of the times it must be that she is just not in a mood to start a conversation. When situation is like this, don’t get messed up and make a negative ending by saying something like “Sorry to bother you.” Rather just put a smile on your face and say something like ‘It was nice talking with you. Will catch you later.” Bear in mind that just like all other skills that require learning, picking up women is also one of the art that gets polished over time. Like any other thing, it needs consistency and focus.

Observe – ‘The Revealing Part’

The conversation you are going to make a big difference. So, try asking some revealing questions when talking to her and make her feel that she is the hottest girl in the world. In the ending of your conversation, you should be able to figure out what exactly is she looking for or if she is interested in you or not? You must be wise enough to pick up any signal from her to have casual sex. Reading and observing her body language can easily answer your first question.

Make Your Pick up Count

If everything went well and you got positive signals, you have several options here to consider. You can do something like

  • Offer her a drink in some privacy
  • Or it could be a candle light dinner

But if signals weren’t much stronger, don’t just go away and end the meeting rather ask for her contact number or an email address to keep the conversation going. Remember that you have to work on many leads and all at the same time. In the world of dating it’s all about getting your learning curve matured and it requires time and constant efforts. Try working on these advices and you could be the next ’Don Juan’ or even bigger.

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