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stealth-attraction1We all know that many of the PUA courses available nowadays are simply rehashed or repetitive techniques that don’t quite work. The lines are overused and universally known by anyone, so paying for those courses is plain stupid. The conclusion is simple: just stay away from these courses.

That was basically what I expected when I came across Stealth Attraction System, written by Richard La Ruina. But it came as a big surprise after I started reading some of the techniques and tips included in the book. I really thought it was something fresh and new on the market that really had something to say.

Stealth Attraction Overview

The book includes live video demonstrations of the various techniques, in a practical setting, including also a female presence, that is, his assistants. The three modules include unique settings and are divided in a number of different sections. My absolute favorite part, and also the hottest, is the Stealth Arousal part, where he deals with some sneaky and underhand arousal methods. This is where his assistants come into action and the result is absolutely awesome and very entertaining. I was simply stunned by this part and I am quite hopeful that the whole course will be as fun as this section. The Stealth Attraction course features a complete video course with Richard teaching the full system. To sum it up, it’s not your average boring PDF book.

Should I buy the Stealth Attraction course?

The best part of this course is the way it’s taught. I must admit I was very impressed by the information in it as well. But, the presentation, the techniques and the firsthand experience, delivered personally by Richard, really convinced me that I have an excellent product in my hands. The first section, named “Stealth Value”, shows you some techniques to raise your value on the dating market, creating attraction before you even set out for the approach.

Another section, named “Stealth Seduction and Arousal”, deals with various tested and proven methods of approach and seduction. The book is obviously written by someone with plenty of experience in the pickup and dating scene, and all the examples are legit. Plus, the videos are very insightful and educative, with plenty of information, methods, pickup lines and other tips, not like your average PUA course book, so often found on the internet.

Some things that I don’t like about the Course

This is the odd part. I have to point out some of the things I don’t particularly like about this course, but there aren’t really any bad parts in this book. However, I noticed that the course doesn’t have enough information and techniques destined for Day Game. This is the part where the course should have more lessons and would be a great addition. Don’t get me wrong, the course includes a great deal of information on Night Game, but Day Game was somewhat overlooked. And as any pickup artist knows, mastering day game techniques will get you miles ahead in the dating world.

You will be playing your game to a whole new level, where the pros are.
And the reason is simple, most guys are playing their game in nightclubs. There are too many hunters and too little prey, so to speak. So, mastering day game means that you will be able to pick up girls at shopping malls, cafeterias, or in a park. These techniques will open new endless possibilities for you and you may never go back to those packed clubs or bars. I would definitely recommend the “Daygame Blueprint” course as an excellent addition to this already fantastic pickup course. The two courses together will bring you to the top of the players, with outstanding results.

Who is Richard La Ruina?

The course’s author, Richard La Ruina, is a popular and renowned author and dating coach, residing in London. Although now an experienced pick up artist, his beginning in the dating scene was quite humble. With little to no success in his early twenties, he started to learn from other pick up artists, eventually meeting Erik Von Markovik, a famous pick up artist. He introduced him to secret techniques and methods, as well as various ways to master his body language, eventually mastering communication with the opposite sex in all social settings.

What’s Included in the Course

The course is set in a home study format, perfect for men who want to learn to approach and master the dating game. The program features step by step videos with tips, tricks and numerous proven and tested techniques. You will learn how to approach women, how to master your body language, decipher her body language, create attraction and finally, sealing the deal. There are also lessons on how to get her to your bedroom and spice up things once you are there.

The course features practical lessons, which can be used immediately in almost any social setting. Also, included are some of the newest techniques, never discussed before by other pick up artists. These lessons will make you the best and most successful player in bars or clubs as well as in other, more serious social settings. Some of the lessons included are listed below:

  • How you should introduce yourself to women and how to trigger the initial sexual attraction
  • How to cope with rejection and some of the rejection mechanisms women use when talking to men for the first time
  • How to create a meaningful conversation with a woman who you just met
  • How to make her trust you within the first moments you talk to her, learning all the magic words that create trust
  • Learn what women actually want and be the man that they want, and the, most importantly, the only man they want
  • How to read a woman’s body language and how to make her think about you sexually
  • Learn how to make a woman come after you and look for you
  • Learn how to be the bad boy women want, without coming off as a jerk
  • Learn how to create a fun and exciting conversation, even though you are not a very social person
  • Learn how to master the first date in order to get her in your bedroom on the first night
  • Learn how to escalate to the kiss on the first day without the rejection

You can find even more information in Richard La Ruina’s videos, included in the DVD of the course.

Stealth Attraction Review

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