Vin Dicarlo’s 3 Questions

Vin Dicarlo's 3 Questions

To understand the three questions asked from the Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box, first you will have to understand what Pandora’s Box itself is. Based on scientifically proven techniques underlining the psychology of women, Pandora’s Box is a not less than any magic. Providing men with an insight about the workings of women’s mind, this system is designed to help men with dating. This is a complete seduction system which divides women in eight different categories on the basis of their characteristics as well as the different approaches needed to approach a woman of any particular type.

The eight different personalities identified by Vin Dicarlo are:

  1. The Playette
  2. The Social Butterfly
  3. The Hopeful Romantic
  4. The Cinderella
  5. The Private Dancer
  6. The Seductress
  7. The Connoisseur
  8. The Modern Woman

In order to figure out any one personality out of these eight, three questions are mentioned in the Pandora’s Box.

  1. Her time line
  2. Her Sex Line
  3. Her relationship line

Detailed information about all the three questions are provided in the Pandora’s Box.

1. Her Time Line

The first question from Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box is about timeline which means that men should know about the dating strategies of women. This suggests knowing what the women actually demand from men while dating. This involves knowing if she is a tester or an investor. Her time line is something which determines all of her possible dating strategies, her likes and wants. In order to know the answer to all such questions, you can ask or observe following questions/points which can let you determine her time line.

  • How many guys are around her?
  • How many girlfriends are in her circle?
  • Is she more famous among girls or guys?
  • Does she seem to be committed to one guy or many?

2. Her Sex Line

In the second question females are asked for their perceptions about sex. This question can prove to be a true evaluation of a woman’s mentality about sexual relationships and whether they are, in first place, interested in any sexual relation or not. You see, this is a very important but sensitive question and you need to employ your best observing skills in order to get the answers. This question also has a lot of importance because men usually have the notion that females prefer to have sexual relationships with their boyfriends and knowing otherwise can be difficult. So, an appropriate question/point will help you in figuring out what’s going on in their minds about this important ideology. Is she a denier or a justifier? Following question can help you explain how does a woman view ‘sex’ and which acts turn her on?

  • Is she open to her sex life?
  • Does she care if others know how sexually active she is or not?
  • Is she conservative regarding her sex life?
  • Is she hiding her sexual activities?

 3. Her Relationship Line

The third question is about relationship line i.e. how much relationship oriented a woman is. You may think that this question is in conflict with the second question of sex line. But know that there is something more to it. Otherwise, this question wouldn’t have been a part of this renowned dating program. The fact is that those women who are only interested in sex are not mostly relationship oriented. Relationship oriented women prioritize long term affiliations and are sincere in their thoughts, while on the other hand, women who are just interested in sex are flirts and are usually after males just for the time being. To know if she is a realist or idealist, look for getting these questions answered:

  • What kind of guy is she looking for?
  • Is she looking for a guy who gives her security?
  • Is she a goal oriented or career oriented person?
  • Does she need a guy to take care of her and spend on her?
  • Or does she want to take care of her guy?

Turning Her On

Once you have got these questions answered and have succeeded in identifying her personality type, it is about time to approach her accordingly. Starting with what to say and how to say, you should first make sure that what appropriate body language you need to use and whether she is a compatible personality or not. With these queries solved and having all the tactics to get into her mind in your hand, it’s very easy to make a move that will turn her on.

You will experience that sometimes it is easy to figure out a woman’s type while other times it takes several meetings to know the type of a woman and her Pandora’s profile. In any case, remember that it’s a skill and it will take you some time to master. Don’t be impatient or expect prompt results because the Pandora’s Box will take some time to do its magic.

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